An Essential Perspective . . .

Welcome! This site is currently under active "redevelopment". It was first established in 2012, with no previous domain owner, and has not changed hands since it first came into existence.

The charter of this site is now expanding into its true purpose, to provide an alternative and vital perspective in what is now a rapidly accelerating "Disclosure Discussion". For those of you who enjoyed the movie "Contact", for example, it is clear just how much Spiritual awareness played a role within that story - and Spiritual awareness very much needs to play a role in the actual story which is now unfolding. Its role is actually intrinsic by default - but we often require reminders that this is essentially the case.

This domain and others "impossibly" fell into the hands of someone who is both scientifically educated and Spiritually aware, exactly the combination required to provide an expansive perspective on the topic. Spirituality is not contrary to "science" - quite the contrary, actually, when science is honestly researching and observing reality.

What appears to be demonstrated in our skies is advanced technology (and the owner of this site finally observed it for herself in the Summer of 2018). Many reports within the UFO community, honestly shared for many years, tend to make people feel afraid - and that is understandable. It is not the intent of this site to discount any person's individual observation or experience. No matter what is occurring, it is the intent of this site to provide a reminder that Spirituality is far more powerful than ANY technology, or than any strictly technological civilization - though some civilizations - perhaps like ours - may combine the two for a time. The civilizations to pay attention to in other places, in other times, are not the technological civilizations. The truly advanced planets would be fully aware of what is Spiritually possible - and particularly of Omnipresence - for which, no "ships" are needed. We can be like them, too - because we already ARE - and any technology we encounter would be like sticks and stones in comparison.

Which kind of a planet do we truly choose to be? The decision is not even open to be made by any other "organization" than essentially each of us so choosing. Nobody can hijack the decision or take it away. It is yours to make, freely. Rather than elevate any kind of technology (observed or otherwise) to fearsome, disempowering levels, the longtime owner of this site clearly states and chooses to shift the "Disclosure Discussion" in a direction that will truly make a difference. Spirituality is now at the table, where it belongs. And Spirituality made the space at the table possible . . .
~ Susan, May 19, 2021